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Our Process

When you contact Barkman Landscaping, here is how the process will unfold:

  • We will get some key information about you and your project and set an appointment for one of our consultants to meet with you at your property.  We will confirm the appointment by phone the day before.  
  • Our consultant will review your needs, scope and budget and help you generate ideas and a conceptual design. 
  • On smaller projects the consultant may be able to provide you with a project cost and contract at that time.  Any project that requires more extensive work or a formal design will be taken back to our design and estimating staff.  That process will take 1-3 weeks depending on the scope of the project. 
  • Once the design and estimate are complete the consultant will return to your property to present the project.  If there are no changes, the project can then be formally contracted and a start date will be provided.  Our consultant will explain in detail how we can give you a very accurate timetable!  If there are changes to the scope or design, there may be one or more design and estimate reviews and more corresponding meetings to develop your project into exactly what you want. 
  • Once contracted, our crews will arrive on the scheduled date wearing Barkman Landscaping uniforms .  Your project will be installed with their education and experience coupled with the oversight of your consultant and the rest of our Operations Team . 
  • Upon completion of the project, your consultant will return to join you on a final walk through to review the work.   
  • Once installed, we can also help you maintain your entire investment for years to come.


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